Seeing the world with the eyes wide shut (Book 2)





How often a MIRACLE is present in our life! …A miracle – unexplainable and mysterious. And encountering it is surreal; something straight out of a fairy tale – a joyful one! It’s like a return visit to one’s childhood.

But what if the FAIRY TALE exists in reality? …Exists objectively! How does one tell of this, without distorting the truth?
It need be told as a fairy tale would be, using language of a magical sort! But it must be done in a way that there is no room for misunderstanding that in truth, it is FAR FROM A FAIRY TALE.
This is exactly what I worked to achieve in my book.

The very same book, which you now hold in your hands – all of its contents – are true.
…Magical, but TRUE nonetheless.

In this book, you will meet a fascinating person by the name of Markell. You will learn about Infovision and why the human brain is capable of the miraculous, direct informational perception.
You will be introduced to scientists that took shots at figuring this miracle, to explain the mysterious phenomenon of Infovision. …And the results that they got, and why this was so.
I presume you will find the chapter “Sworn Friends” to be of special interest. As well as the author’s [true] story of participation in the show “Let them Talk”.

Along with real people, textbook villains of Russian Folklore such as Vurdalak the Vampire, Koshey the Immortal, Baba Yaga and the Wood Goblin are present, too. What sort of fairy tale could do without them?

Their presence in this narrative will help you come to understand many not at all “fantastical” type motives and actions of factually existing characters in this truthful book.
In this book, I did my best to explain complex things in simple ways. As to whether I had managed this successfully is not for me to judge, but for you – my readers.
Please read – allow yourself to be indignant and joyful. Smile and mourn by the author’s side.