Seeing the world with the eyes wide shut (Book 1)





This book is about the impossible, which becomes possible. Reading with a blindfold over your eyes and seeing thousands of kilometers ahead. Watching a DVD without a DVD player and reading the past. All this is not fiction, but objective reality! And not the work of rare and unique minds, but a possibility for everyone.

This book is about the creation of our Universe. An unexpected look by the author at our Creator. An attempt to understand His idea and goal. To understand Life and Death. And the author’s proof, that Death does not exist!

This book is a pass to tomorrow for everyone who wishes it. This is a real chance to turn your child into a Genius in a matter of hours. To give him the ability to reach the highest step on the social ladder.

This book is not from the fantasy genre. Everything included within is supported by adjacent video material and scientific studies.