Distance training

We are offering a new type of seminar (for those older than 12 years). What are its defining features?

What to expect?
The first class (webinar) is taught by Mark Komissarov, the author of the methodology for activating the Center of Informational Perception in the human brain. Throughout, students will be provided with an explained the physical basis of the phenomenon of direct informational perception. You’ll understand why the brain [initially] resists this mode of perception, and how this resistance can be overcome over the short course of the seminar. The activation of the Center of Informational Perception in your brain will take place during the very first lesson. After the class is over, you are welcome to ask any questions that may be of interest to you, and only after that, make a decision about continuing this education.

All subsequent sessions of the workshop will also take place remotely, but individually under the supervision of an experienced licensed distance learning trainer. For these courses the date and time of the workshop will be selected and coordinated with you. If possible, your wish will be granted.

The first lesson – is only the beginning. Minimum rate – 5 lessons. After activation, for the necessary training and consolidation of acquired skills students need to continue to train on their own and learn to apply this skill in life. It is not possible to learn a foreign language in just a month, but at the first lesson you can learn the alphabet. What to do next with the alphabet – study it on your own or with the help of a trainer to learn from him or her how to form words – you decide. And in our workshops the decision is always yours.