Online training

Online training

Our online training — is distance training either one on one with the trainer or in a small group. It is for those who had already taken the first level (basic) seminar. Training intensity is chosen individually: 1-2 times per week, on hour each. Available class times: Tuesday and Thursday 11am by Moscow time, Friday 20:00 by Moscow time.

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Online exercises

Our online exercises were worked out in order to provide the opportunity to fixate learned knowledge and capabilities, acquired at seminars of in person and/or distance training!

The methodology of independent CIP training was worked out by M. Komissarov based on the technique of working in pairs. This makes the training a lot easier, more lively and, in the long run, more effective.

And, circumstances are as such, that you are not only scattered throughout different cities, but different countries as well. Thus, finding a like-minded person in your circle of friends and loved ones turns out to not only be difficult, but altogether impossible.

A lot of people, perhaps even the majority, will proceed to vigorously twirl their index finger at the temple upon learning your intention of “seeing” with your eyes closed. And what can you say to that? That they stayed back in the former century, along with their mind? That the world is not standing still, but developing, growing, and moving forward?

They think that seeing with closed eyes contradicts the laws of physics and physiology. But in reality, all it contradicts is our modern day understanding of these laws.

However, it is not your goal to convert them to “genuine faith”. For now, let them remain blissful in their ignorance – not every “roof” is able to withstand the crisp, new wind of knowledge.

Your goal is to provide yourself with a reliable training process for your CIP. Therefore, I, whipped up developed surrogate technique of employment “himself to himself.”Of course, it is less powerful than distance and in person training, but «For lack of a stamp, write a simple».

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Once registered, it takes 48 hours to process, after which you may begin training.