InfoVision – is:

What does that mean to you?

InfoVision – is not only the expansion of the human brain’s abilities of receiving external information. Before everything – this is the development of perception of our surrounding world. The world is complex and multi-levelled, and in developing the capabilities of its perception, you force open and grow past the world’s limitations. Horizons fall back. The world stands tall before you in all of its glory. Developing the opportunities of perceiving the world, you make your life immeasurably richer and brighter. This is merely one of the abilities that InfoVision will gift you with.

All of the above-mentioned – is neither an advertising pitch nor a cunningly delivered informational package.

InfoVision – is a reality of the present day. InfoVision – is a door, open wide into Tomorrow before you. Look through the website’s sections, and you will understand everything for yourself, as well as find the answers to the majority of your questions. And, if something remains confusing – you will always have the opportunity to ask a question and receive a complete and exhaustive answer in response.

Sincerely yours, Mark Komissarov


Friends! We have good news. After a long pause caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mark Komissarov is resuming his training workshops around the world. Courses:   Seminar for adults. Seminar for children. Licensing of teachers according to the method of Mark

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AKTIVIEREN DES 6 SINNES! MARK KOMISSAROV IN WIEN!!! Seminar „SEHEN OHNE AUGEN“: Verein GAIA 10 – 18 Oktober 2016  /  17 bis 20 Uhr   Lieber Mitmensch! Hättest DU gerne… deinen 6 Sinn aktiviert? ein lebenslang höchstes Sehvermögen? mehr Selbstvertrauen

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