Century XXI – discovery of new capabilities of the human brain

…“Stop. Look around”. Of all phrases, I don’t know why this is the one that popped into my head. But since it has – the time has come. …To stop and look at that which has passed, and that which has been done.

And what can I say… over 15 years – my God! It’s scary to think: fifteen years!!! – No small amount of experience has been undergone. And accordingly, no less has been done.

Infovision became a part of our life, real, “tangible”, within reach (quoting V.V. Mayakovski). It can no longer be brushed off, written off as charlatan-shamanism. It simply doesn’t fly – here’s a little modern day jargon for you!

I will quote another person, perhaps not as famous as Mayakovski but, from my point of view, certainly worthy of citation:
“Hello, Mark! About a year ago I saw a video, where you and a woman were demonstrating how she sees without seeing. Today I was skimming through the video “Mysteries of our Self” and once again encountered you there. I went online and was horrified at how much negativity has built up over that time. It is very sad, that people are so closed off. I am slightly perplexed at where all these adversaries come from… But I will say – speaking from my experience – that you are managing excellently. The level of success is always equal to the number of haters. I thank you for your existence!” (Julia Silchak)

“The level of success is always equal to the number of haters…” – couldn’t have said it better myself.
So what is the success?

In that – more and more of the general public worldwide – sounds dramatic, but there’s no other way to say it – if my seminars take place in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia (are you bored yet?) – recognize that activation of direct informational perception within the self is a necessity of life, indivisible from survival today. It within itself is what makes the actualization of one’s dreams possible – I want to know!
They say that the head of the CIA has the following saying hanging on his wall in Langley: “He, who controls information, controls the world!” Although personally, I never visited the chief, this I believe wholeheartedly.

Not long ago someone asked me: “What percentage of people that emerge on top in your seminars?” I reply without thinking: “100%”. The inquirer’s reaction: “Not the answer I was expecting, honestly…”

Well then, what were you expecting? It is, after all, very simple: if you activate something, load and charge this something, force it to react, than it reacts! You pump your muscles in training heavy athletics – they fill with volume and strength. You load the center of speech in a child’s brain with work – it begins to work; the child begins to speak. In the very same brain, you encourage the Center of Informational Perception to receive information and – what else can it do – it starts to work. What’s more, it begins to work in EVERYBODY! For all of us people are the same in our built. What one person has, everyone else has too. This applies to the Center of Informational Perception. It need be activated, roused to work, to acceptance of information. This is the activation that takes place in seminar. The center begins to output visible results. They are wonderfully surprising, and can be explained by only one thing – the Center now works. And my students see this.

They are surprised, astonished, delighted, but they cannot shake the obvious. And this is what gives me the right to assert: “All are successful! 100%!”
Then, after the seminar, constant work is needed in training this Center, to develop its abilities. Here, everything will depend on the stubbornness/determination of my student, his desire to make Infovision a routine reality of his being. The same as sight, hearing, smell… And he has everything he needs to make this so: a system of practical training exercises, to retake the basic course on Infovision, the chance to improve the acquired skills at seminars of a higher level.

Children! This is a “special song”!That, they are doing at the workshops cannot be called anything other than miraculous. In a firm, lightproof blindfold they see just as accurately, as if their eyes were open. And they are capable of everything: writing, reading, playing any games, riding a bike and rollerblading, boxing, watching television and working on the computer. Is this not a miracle? “Well, why do they need this?” A skeptic will ask. “To show off a magic trick?” Sure, if it were a “trick”! Turns out it’s all real. There is no trick, illusion, or deceit. The child’s brain perceives visual information from the external world directly, without utilizing the organs of sight. Did you read the last sentence? Did you think about the blind and visually impaired? So…!!! Correct! Blindness can leave our world forever, once and for all! And it can not only leave – it is already leaving. The internet contains many video clips of work with blind and visually impaired children. Check it out! One who has eyesight, yes he will see. But one who doesn’t = will too!

Think, is this only for the blind? Remember for a moment, how our vision worsens with age. How many diopters in beautiful framed we are hoisting over the bridge of our nose? But, this is a problem of the eyes! It is the eyes that let us down.

Think: “What if my brain will be able to receive visual images from without directly, not using the eyes? After all, these images will always be exact and crystal clear. Why would I need these frames on the bridge of my nose then?” Correct! YOU WILL NOT!

But, I’ll get back to the children. Did you know, that upon activation of the Center of Informational Perception in the brain of a child, sharply increases his IQ, the notorious IQ?!? Yes, it increases! And there is no miracle here, either.

Scientists insist, that for active intellectual work, we use only 8-10% of our brain. Activation of the Center of Infovision puts extra regions to work. Suppose – only 5%. But, it was 10, and now it’s 15! Already, this is the brain of a rather gifted person. If not to say – GENIUS!

Don’t be shy, say it: “Genius! My child has transformed into a Genius!” And these are not my words, but proofing’s of those parents, who took their children to my seminar. The child becomes top of the class in school. His behavior changes. He becomes unrecognizable in a positive sense. The teachers in school can’t seem to praise him enough. Parents are amazed the ways in which he’d changed.

And what do the scientists say? Does this not affect the child’s psyche? Does the Infocenter’s work not harm him? No. The reviews are only positive. I don’t want to burden this article with scientific calculation – you can always found it with a small part of these conclusions on our website.

Time inexorably moves forward by leaps and bounds. A generation of people born in the 21st century grows up. It will depend on you and I only, how they (and us along with them) will live out their lives – – whether they will fall behind the time, whether to walk in its lockstep, or will they end up a step ahead.

Every century has its own landmarks: XIX – the rapid development of industry, XX – a jump in technology, landmark of the XXI century – discovery of new capabilities of the human brain, a breakthrough into direct informational perception, INFOVISION!

You will answer this question for yourself: “What must I do so that my children and I end up a step ahead?” I won’t give any hints – the answer is obvious. It’s all up to you…

Mark Komissarov