About the Method

What is Direct Informational Perception? It is the ability of the human brain to receive information from the surrounding world directly, not utilizing the usual sensory organs. …Those, such as, sight, hearing, smell and etc.

We have this ability and yet, we don’t use it, until a certain time. There was no need. The world in which we successfully lived for many thousands of years was simple, and in order to survive, outwardly and individually, the familiar five sensory organs was plenty sufficient for the Human. It would suffice to spot an enemy a kilometer away, to hear him at 500 meters away, to smell him at 200 meters – and to make a successful escape. It’s done, we’re saved.

The world now, by sheer effort of the Human himself, became utterly more complex. More and more often we find ourselves dependant on events taking place outside the limits of the then-sufficient reach of the usual five sensory organs. For instance, an explosion goes off in a chemical factory located five kilometers away from us, and we will not see, will not hear, will not smell – too far, too late… And once the cloud of poisonous gas reaches us, the time to save oneself will have expired!

Direct informational perception allows us to compensate for the gap that had opened up in our modern day life. It makes it possible for a person to know about evens and processes taking place throughout the world independent of distance, physical barriers, and even time! Activating this long-neglected ability of ours has become a persistent inevitability.

How to do this? A methodology, especially worked out by me allows us to activate our dormant Center of Information Perception (CIP). Its idea is simple.

Our brain, based on the experience of hundreds of million years of evolutionary development of life knows that receiving information from the external world is only possible through the five sensory organs. Of this, it is ABSOULTELY CONVINCED.

And we must DISSUADE it from this ingrained notion and prove that there is another way to receive information? How to do this? We simply need to show our brain that this is possible, to prove this in a well-reasoned fashion. Then – to train the acquired skills, honing it to automatism.

Therein lays the point of my seminar.

The «presentation» of evidence shown our brain is done in 2 steps. First, at the presentation, I show my potential students children who have already mastered such ability. After, is simple language and without any lofty eccentricity, I explain why everyone has “this” and how “it” works. I answer whatever questions are asked. Now it is theoretically feasible and needs to be realized in practice, in activating the ability of direct informational perception in my student’s brain. The practical seminar is the 2nd level of convincing the brain.

At seminar, after executing specific exercises, the human is convinced through practice, that he does indeed possess this ability. The training at my seminars is set up in such a way that, from day to day, the exercises grow steadily more unusual, while those participating in the seminar carry out the given tasks easier and easier.

At first, the brain is ineffably surprised by this, and writes it off as an accidental coincidence. But when the number of “coincidences” is constantly growing, it begins to understand that this is no accident, but common nature. It begins to trust its new channel for transmission of external information. The brain proceeds to use it all the more actively.

What’s to come further will depend entirely on the person himself. If he will independently continue to cultivate the skills acquired at the seminar for activation the CIP, then his life will change cardinally. In it, mistakes will be no more. He will cease to err, in things great and small. After all, all mistakes do occur as result of a lacking of necessary information or its distortion. With an actively functioning CIP, both options are excluded. The information being transmitted to the brain from the CIP will always be 100% precise and reliable – all the decisions our brain will make from that point on will be 100% correct.

And, if by the seminar’s end, my student will finish the training, too… Then, little will be left but to sympathize with him for the time and money thrown away at a seminar. But I am firmly convinced that, out of everyone who took the course of activating and training the abilities of Direct Informational Perception, this will happen to no one.

I wish you all the best in life, and am looking forward to seeing you at my seminar.