Infovision continues to actively help many people

Infovision expands its range of capability. “Dyslexia”, a treatment resistant illness can be cured. Dyslexia – destruction of the ability of mastering the act of reading while the ability to learn in itself, as retained.

Anatoly (9 years old) could not read texts. The lines in his written works consisted of undulating lines of hard-to-read text. The pages were dotted with drawings. After the activation of the Center of direct Informational Perception, the dyslexia disappeared. And Anatoly has no more problems reading, and his handwriting deserves to be called calligraphic.


Aleksander Urbach (Switzerland), licensed trainer of Infovision, expressed that amongst the students he had told based of Mark Komissarov’s methodology, there were three children that were suffering from dyslexia. By the end of the training, the illness had disappeared. This is confirmed by official medical documents.

Infovision continues to actively help people.