Seminars in Romania

Last week, workshops for levels I and II were held in Bucharest (Romania). They were both successful. I was particularly impressed with the students’ progress at the level II workshop. At this level, adults learn to see blindfolded, just like the children: the brain learns to receive visual information directly from the outside world, without using the eyes. All participants, regardless of age or sex, managed to do this. They could see as clearly blindfolded as they would with their eyes open. Now, they do not need to wear glasses anymore and are not in danger of going blind due to age or an unfortunate accident!

The results from the children’s workshop were equally interesting. Among the students, there was a boy with severe myopia. Before the course, without glasses he could only read large text no farther than a meter away from him. At the end of the course, he could already read writing that was 8-10 meters away from him. My student cast away his glasses. He doesn’t need them anymore!

There was a 6-year old girl with speech difficulties. She had been seeing a speech therapist. According to the girl’s mom, the therapist was very surprised to see that, after the 3 days of course, the problems had disappeared.

In Bucharest, I was invited to a special school for deaf children. The school management was interested to know if direct perception of information can improve not only the children’s visual perception, but also their auditory one. In other words, could deaf children begin to hear without using their ears?

The answer to this question could only be “Let’s see”. However, a problem occurred. Teachers communicate with deaf children using sign language. But will a student be able to use sign language if his eyes are blindfolded? Because it is by wearing a blindfolded that the center of direct perception of information is activated. We had to find a way out of this situation. And we did!

Before putting on the blindfold, we decided with a 9-year old girl the gestures she was going to use while blindfolded: if she saw darkness, she was going to raise one finger; if she saw light – two fingers.

And it worked!

Once the girl began to see blindfolded, the agreement about how to use the gestures described above wasn’t necessary any longer. Thanks to the newly activated “Infovision sight”, she was able to see the teacher, use sign language and understand and answer her questions.

(Watch the video)

And so, it became clear that the activation of the Infocenter for children with hearing difficulties is possible. Now we have to develop exercises to encourage the Infocenter to start receiving auditory information.

This is a new direction in order to help people who face difficulties in perceiving the information from the outside world.

Romanians show a rapidly growing interest in Infovision. During my stay in Romania, I was invited 3 times to the 6TV channel. You can watch one of the programs on Youtube:

Furthermore, a central Romanian TV channel broadcasted information on my seminar in its news program:

Infovision is becoming more and more part of the lives of many people from all around the world.