The research on the proof that the brain’s ability to perceive information in a direct way is real has just been completed

In Bari (Italy), a research laboratory’s work on proving that the phenomenon of Infovision is reality has come to an end. Now, this ability of the human brain to directly perceive the information is no longer part of the paranormal, thus ceasing to belong only to people with special abilities.

The possibility to directly perceive information from the outside world will be available to anyone. In order to prove that Infovision is real, the Italian scientists have designed a special light-proof mask, in which they installed two hypersensitive mini-TV cameras with an infrared radiation source. The human eye is not capable of seeing the light in the infrared range. To it, there’s nothing but darkness. But the camera reacts to infrared radiation and converts it to the range visible to the eye. This has allowed scientists to watch in complete darkness on a TV screen the pupils and the eye movement of the test person during the experiment.

At the same time with the visual inspection of the eyes, an EEG was recorded on the brain of someone who was given a text to read in complete darkness. The results of this unique work will be presented officially at a scientific conference which will take place in Pescara (Italy) between 23rd and 26th of April.

It’s a matter of weeks until Infovision is formally recognized as a real phenomenon.