The Doctor’s conclusion, PhD Krilov O.B

I, Krilov Oleg Borisovich, a doctor with 23 years of experience, psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, a doctor of the highest category qualification, is a father of a visually-handicapped child (Retinopathy of prematurity OD-5 Art. OS-4B, light perception, lack of substantive views) of Krilov Olga year 2001.

Throughout the course of 2011 from February to November, my daughter was trained under Mark Komissarov by his method of “Informational perception of the surrounding world”. The training always took place either in my presence or the presence of my wife (also a doctor). Overall, more than thirty classes were held, ranging anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours at different times of the day and at different locations. At some lessons, children of various ages attended, at others, the stimulation of competitive spirit and upholding desire for self-improvement and mnestiko-intellectual development. At the time of the classes, the spirit of learning and development of one’s abilities was consistently supported. In interaction, I never did hear anti-scientific and antisocial declarations, and simultaneously, M. Komissarov always fought for serious scientific institutions bearing the proper resources to start researching his methodology.

Time and again, I bore witness to how after only a few lessons, children ages 7-12 started recognizing their surroundings with their eyes covered with a lightproof blindfold: orientate themselves in space, pick out chosen objects read books and all the while feel calm and comfortable, without any fright or excitement.

Over ten months of class, my daughter always treated them with joy and enthusiasm. Neither my wife nor I noticed any remote negative consequences. In the meanwhile, the child performs with excellence in school, practices swimming and music, is better or orientating in space and is more objective toward scientific hypotheses and her own condition. Also, over this time my daughter learned to more easily adapt to the surrounding environment, freely makes connections with blind and seeing peers alike, with almost no fixation on the absence of sight.

From the above mentioned, it can be concluded that the method of “Informational perception of surroundings” by M.R. Komissarov not do not cause any harm to psychological health and state of a child, but in itself improves and stabilizes the perception of the surroundings and harmonizes the child’s intrapersonal connections.

December 19th, 20011
Krilov O.B.
Candidate of medical sciences, Dr of highest category +7-910-401-25-86

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