Seminar for adults (level two)

Attention: new stage in the development of Infovision!

Those who wish to can attend the level two seminars. Only those students that have been awarded a certificate of completion in the beginner’s course will be included in the group.

What is level II? Why can it only be taken after the beginner’s course?

It is because, at the level two seminars, the students will be taught a totally new level of Informational perception. The participants will learn to see in a lightproof blindfold, just as the children do. At this seminar, they will be familiarized with types of informational perception such as telepathy, distance viewing, and seeing the past.

All of this becomes possible only when a person’s Center of direct Informational Perception is both activated and functional. And, the activation of the CIP is precisely the aim of the beginner’s course.

ПDuration of seminar – 5 classes, 2 hours each.

Cost of seminar – $600. (Payment in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date). Participants of the seminar are provided with a specially constructed lightproof blindfold by the American company “MINDFOLD”.

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