Working with the blind

Working with the blind

People suffering from visual impairment have the chance to “see” the world anew. And this chance is called “Direct informational perception”. The human brain is capable of receiving any information (visual included) from the surrounding world without the sensory organs. A person can «see».

Unusual as it appears to us at this point, everyone has this ability. It need only be “awoken”, activated. The methodology, having been developed and repeatedly tested by Mark Komissarov, makes this doable.

You can not restore the ability to see only one flick of the wrist. You will need time to convince your brain that this is possible. To convince in spite of its preconceptions that, “no living thing can see without its eyes”.

And this – is HARD WORK – monumental and serious. This will be our joint effort. However, it will still be more your effort than mine. I will do my part of the work – activating your brain’s ability to receive [external] visual information directly. As for cultivating, developing, and practicing – all this is left up to you. This EFFORT can take you weeks, months, and even years.

Believing in your success without looking back at the time – this is the pledge of victory over blindness. What is a mere year or two in terms of the ultimate battle for the opportunity to perceive all the beauty of the surrounding world, to see faces of their friends and loved ones? After all, your whole life is still ahead of you.

I see a lot in common between the Center of Informational Perception and the Center of Speech in the human brain. They do not switch on automatically at our birth, but are in need of activation. When we teach our children to talk, we activate the Center of Speech in their brain – this takes us up to THREE(!) years. And this time-frame is by no means unattainable. No – three years – that’s normal to us!

The Center of Informational Perception needs activation as well. And this, too, takes time.

So please – don’t count the months. Do not make this mistake. Work toward the goal you’ve set for yourself with out looking back at the time. “The road by walking.” Especially when you know that this is possible.

And it is indeed POSSIBLE!

To master direct informational perception – that IS that very chance to see the surrounding world, which one has the right to, but should not, pass up. Particularly if a tragedy of this sort walks into one’s home.

Contact us, and we will do everything possible (on our part) to help you. After that comes your part of this task. We will do our part honestly, so don’t cheat yourself by doing anything but your best.

And then, we can announce to the world together:


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