The human brain is capable of receiving information from the surrounding world directly, without using the usual sensory organs. Activating these thus-far unused abilities of one’s brain will allow him/her to any information from the external world, regardless of distance and physical barriers. And this, in its turn, will provide the brain the proper conditions for making the right decision in any range of the sphere of human activity. The training seminars offered by our company are aimed at awaking the brain’s ability of direct perception of external information by any person.

The following types of seminars take place:

  1. Basic seminars (level one seminars) on activating the Center of direct informational perception within the human brain
  2. Higher level seminars, cultivating the abilities of direct informational perception in a wider spectrum
  3. Support training courses for those who anyone who has undergone any level of our training program
  4. Preparing the trainers
  5. Trainings with the blind and visually impaired individuals in order to prepare them to take in visual information from the external world without using the organs of sight.

Basic seminars.

The basic seminar is primary phase on the path to the brain mastering its abilities toward an alternate means of perceiving information from the surrounding world. At this seminar, an experienced, licensed training will conduct the activation of the Center of direct informational perception (CIP).
Children between the ages of 5 and 12 and above without any age restriction.
Continuity of the basic seminar – 10 hours.
Two types of training in the basic training are provided for: in-person and in absence (remote).

  1. In-person classes.
    They either take place in groups or at an in-person seminar. The number of participants in one group does not exceed 15 persons. Groups are formed based on the amount of applications submitted by the time of the seminar. There are 2 types of one-on-one seminar: 5 day long, for local citizens, in which a planned seminar is held, and the 5 day long – for citizens of another town, having decided to take the seminar and having arrived at Moscow for this purpose.
  2. In Absence (remote/distance) training.
    The in-absence classes are subject to a 10-hour distance course, either via Skype or other online technologies. The classes are lead by licensed trainers, specializing in remote/distance training and conducting it in a small group (up to 4 people). For those applicants that wish to take the distance seminar, individual lessons are welcome. Come the end of the basic seminar, its participants receive a numbered certificate, allowing them the right to partake it higher level seminar.

Higher level seminars.

The purpose of higher level seminars is to develop the brain’s ability of direct informational perception in wider spectrums of receiving information, such as

Only those students, who are in possession of a numbered certificate signifying graduation of the basic seminar and a training course of no less than 20 hours, will be included in the higher level seminars.

Support training courses

All students wishing to continue the development of their CIP have the opportunity to train in groups, guided by experienced specialists. They select their own training schedule and the number of classes to be attended. The number of trainings is not limited.
Those students wishing to continue training at higher level seminars must receive a signed trainers’ confirmation of having taken no less than 20 hours of training classes.

Preparation of trainers.

Another provided for course is one that prepares trainers to work on activation of the CIP in the human brain, as well as work by other programs. Listeners who had completed the basic course and level 2 trainings will be allowed in the trainer preparation course. Also, taking 20 hours of training sessions is required, as after the basic course, so after completing level 2 sessions. The sum total of hours of training courses must equal to no less than 40.
Prior to being accepted to trainer courses, the applicant has an interview discussion with one of the leading trainers.
By the end of the trainers’ course, the graduate receives a license for activating the CIP by Mark Komissarov’s method.
The graduate must first pass the trial period. It includes attending two seminars lead by an experienced instructor as a form of training, and conducting three seminars independently, under the supervision of the experienced instructor.