Only the traveler weathers the road!

For starters, here are the cold facts:

The Screaming Statistics

The International Health Service Organization (I.H.S.O.) agrees that the world contains 45 million people who are conclusively deprived of sight, plus 135 million suffering from a diverse range of optical defects. According to the given prognosis, the number of blind people on our planet will rise to 75 million by 2020, and up to 200 million visually impaired. Every five seconds world-wide, one adult becomes blind, and every minute, a child.

From what is currently known by the I.H.S.O., all blindness-related illnesses can be divided into eight global reasons. Out of those eight, only one of them can be singled out: Cataracts, as there is presently existing technology that can actually cure the disease and restore one hundred percent vision. The other divisions refer to those diseases, which cannot be cured completely…

In Russia, as per from independent sources, every second person is affected by whichever type of visionary disturbance. The number of conclusively blind Russians today makes roughly 100 thousand people – and the visually impaired, nearly 600 thousand.

As of 2009, Russia’s scientific team of ophthalmologists has concluded that there are more than one million blind and visually defective persons in this country alone. Out of that million, about 34 thousand are children. The most common causes for disease of our organs of sight are: infection (nearly 4 million cases); injury (about 2 million); nearsightedness (over 1.5 million); glaucoma (more than 770 thousand).

Statistical Condition of the General Population’s Eye-Sight

30% of all people on the planet have vision-related problems.
Virtually, every second inhabitant of Russia suffers from one of the many possible sight-related disturbances.
80% of inhabitants are inflicted.

Affliction of Poor Eye-Sight is Growing «Younger»:

The worsening of eye-sight observed amongst first graders entering school is 4% by the 6th grade, every fourth child is affected by nearsightedness.
The explanation given by doctors is that the material assigned in school puts too much pressure on the muscles of the eyes. By the end of high school, 40% of young adults will have developed a disturbance of optical function.

What to Do?

As they say: «Can’t live with it, can’t live without it». Modern day medicine can help with only one of the illnesses, but the rest…What can humanity do if anything? Just leave be blindness in its exponential growth? Is there any way out?
There is!!!

The solution is remarkably simple, yet no less effective. If mainstream research and medicine have consent to keep on treading on the hundreds-of-years-long-beaten-path, this by no means goes to say that nature in its infinite vastness holds no other way.

The bible reads: «Seek, and ye shall find!» So then… LOOK!!!
I understand; I empathize with how difficult it can be at times to over-leap the obvious and (seemingly) act out against Mother Nature’s “laws”. And rarely do we stop to ask ourselves; why are we so sure that we have mastered these laws so well? From where do we draw such a confidence?

The answer to this, too, is unnervingly simple. From the youngest of age, it has been meticulously drilled into our heads that “the world is knowable and that our far-reaching, almighty branch of Science is concerned with its knowing science”, they had said; “backed by a millennium of experience sure as heck knows what is possible, and what is not!” And that’s that; “my way or the highway”, period. As Science had, indeed, said, that “it is impossible to see with closed eyes” it is so! Why not try for yourself? Close your eyes let me know the moment you happen to see something; anything? Of course not?

After all, that would not be esthetically congruent to the laws of physics. Any living being can see exclusively by utilizing its organs of sight. Having unluckily lost your vision… you are BLIND.

And more importantly, what if this function gives way?
Is said function the only one?
Or has the Creator blessed us with other natural pathways through which “our brain can receive visual information from the surrounding world”? Who took it upon themselves to say, that no other such pathway exists?
So, who do you think? Go ahead and point your fingers?!!
That’s right — no one except ourselves had convinced us of such a thing. We said it. And we had said it based on the lifelong experience of preceding generations, that which lies on the surface. Clearly and therefore, this is not up for debate! Seeing without our organs of sight CANNOT BE DONE!

However, I stand my ground, and say that IT CAN
Visual information can be received externally, without the organs of sight. There is another “channel” that serves as a tunnel for this information. All it calls for is activation; to be awoken.

…I have spent more than twelve years just analyzing and collecting the puzzle piece by piece, of this — thus far — phenomenon. Though if nothing else — I had succeeded in proving to myself, and those around me — that this IS possible. The human brain is already encoded with an alternative, unfamiliar method of catching visual information. Evidently, a blind person is able to see without the need for his/her organs of sight.

I will not attempt to explain the (practical) theory of this event in so short an article. Anyone who wishes can access this information on my other web-site,, as well as in my book, “Looking at the World with Eyes Wide Shut”. The very fact that it is REAL is most crucial here!

On our website you will find video material dedicated fully to the capability of the blind and visually impaired to use a new, untraditional “channel” for the purpose of sight. Initially, this was testing of a method cliqued “proba pera”, information about which is also available.

The time has come to transcend experimental classes to more full-scale action. It is time that ALL people had the possibility to see, even those who mainstream medicine wrote off as doomed to a life of darkness. The time has come for those, who — boxed in by convinced assumption – “would never see the light of day again”.
I am now speaking of the children that are blind from birth; my technique allows for them to see the world, too.

That is work – hard work. Yet, it’s a small price to pay for the joyful tears of a mother whose child will be able to say for the first time: “My mother is so beautiful!”.
I repeat – this is hard work, with no tricks or miracles to show for it. The work is hard, concentrated, and meticulous – especially for those who are blind from birth.

The method, though, is active and effective. It WORKS, and it must make a wide leap into the world… Into boarding schools for blind and visually impaired children, into the adult blind community, to every corner of Russia – and from there, off to the entire world…)

What truly matters is that not only can I use technique I’ve developed: it can be taught to others. And this is more or less exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years.
But how much influence can ten teachers trained by me actually have? It is a drop of the sea; such instructors need to be trained in tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands.
That, too, is possible. All of this requires patience, time, and money.

Without financial support, most good deeds are set up for failure, of this nature particularly so.
This is one of the many essential reasons I had created the Philanthropic Fund Helping the Blind center, which I called “Prozrenie” — the Russian term for realization of vision. It bears its title not because its primary goal is to help the blind adapt to life in the dark, but to remove them from its grasp and allow them to experience all the colors of the world for themselves.
A feat like this can only reach its accomplished stage via no less than the world itself.
I am ready to willingly do anything that is in my own power: to give lectures on Infovision, teach seminars, prepare instructors… Nonetheless, without your financial help, in the long run I hold very little power to ultimately accomplish this.
A financial basis, unfortunately, is the blood of any far-reaching event. The Fund cannot be without support. Without it, it slowly (but surely) transforms into fiction; a useless phantom.
I would like to declare the complete openness of our Fund’s financial dealings. It does and will continue to prove and report the legitimate use of each and every dollar that it is offered.

…In one of the videos that were placed on my site, you can see a boy named Vanya. He lives in a small city under Chelyabinsk. Little Vanya is blind from birth. He began training with me, and he started to see!!! He was able to differentiate between colors of construction paper, pick plastic cups of the indicated color up off a table; able to locate this within his environment without touch.

Vanya and his dad were filmed by the local television. The interviewer asked «What would you like more than anything else in the world?» Vanya answered, «More than anything in the world, I want to see the faces of my parents!»

Unfortunately, this cannot be fully realized – Vanya’s father died half a year later from cancer.

But I still hear the ringing of a youthful voice in my ear:

Conclusively, is so that all children in the world could see the faces of their mom and dad, that I established this fund.