About the fund

Charitable Fund for Helping the Blind, «Prozrenie»

We created our Fund so that those people that truly need the help and support they so desperately need! …Those people, who have been apprehended by one of the most terrible illnesses in the world – blindness. And these mustn’t only be soothing words, or even guide dogs, walking sticks or books written in Braille. Our Fund’s mission states:

«The Fund exists not for the goal of helping the blind person adapt to a life of darkness, but to “tear him from the vice grip the dark”, to give him the opportunity to learn to visually perceive the surrounding world in all its colors».

Another’s misfortune always stays close to our heart, especially when one just lost the ability to see the white light, or – having never even seen it.

How is it possible to walk past a person with a white walking stick in hand and remain indifferent? Past a child walking down the street in dark glasses, tightly clinging to the hands of his mother?

The heart constricts in pain when your glance meets with deeply sullen, opaque eyes in a boarding school for the blind.

The very soul fills to the brim with the sting compassion. You want to embrace this child, hold him to your chest and do something for him…

And we – DO IT.

We do it by the will of our souls.

We do this because we know that we can help.

We do it, because we know – that we are capable of giving them VISION.

No, not walking sticks or guide dogs, not words of sympathy and compassion. We are capable of giving them a real opportunity to SEE our beautiful world.

This opportunity GENUINELY EXISTS!

Yes, this exactly why we created our Fund, which we named «Prozreniye».

This – is the only Fund in the world to have placed this aim before itself. And what we are offering is no imaginative fabrication of fantasy. Today – this is absolute reality. There is a method, tried and tested in practice, making it possible to give one hundred percent vision even to those people, who were born blind.

Every five seconds, one adult goes blind in the world, every minute – a child. The number of totally blind Russians as of today makes roughly 100 thousand people, and nearly 600 thousand visually impaired.

It is specifically toward helping these people that our Fund is aiming for. For now, the possibility of seeing daylight is their one unrealized dream. But together, we have what it takes to make this dream a reality!

Now, it’s all up to us!

And yes, those who are open to a stranger’s pain, heart to heart, will aid us in this holy doing.