Answering your questions

“Turn round, my boy! How you’ve grown up!”

With such an unexpected quote from the Russian classics we’re starting our next news release. And, indeed, our concept called “Infovision” has grown up large. It’s heading now to its sixteenth birthday.

What was the outstanding that has happened last year? Most importantly in Italy we’ve seen finished the most serious scientific work, which, with the help of modern equipment, proved undoubtedly that “Infovision” is an objectively existing reality and not just some paranormal activity.
Official presentation of this discovery is going to take place in the first quarter 2015.

It’s going to be a breakthrough in our understanding of human mind’s possibilities. We’ve been trying to reach this discovery for 15 long years and now it’s not so long to wait any more.

In 2014 we started practicing II-level seminars for adults. On this seminars grown up students learn (and very effectively) to perceive visual information by the brain directly with no use of usual visual organs. How do they benefit from it? In many ways indeed! People get rid of spectacles. For there is no need for them. After all, bad sight is a problem of the eyes. However, if eyes do not take part in visual process, then there is no necessity for spectacles. Unseeing start seeing.
Furthermore, webinars and distance learning was gradually introduced
into our practices. From now on, brain’s “Infocentre” activation course may be taken right from home using your PC. The advantages are obvious:
– no need to go anywhere
– no need to ask for days off at work
– convenient timing for the courses may be arranged
– the lessons will be given INDIVIDUALLY!

Moreover, this year we decided to implement hourly online meetings, where in a live conversation you’re able to ask questions you’re interested in and get answers at once. The timetable for these meeting is now being elaborated.

In addition, we’re going to start answering the questions received on our email. We’ll publish the answers and questions on a weekly basis.
So, ask and get answered!

Today’s first publication is the following:

1. Were there anyone whose mind you couldn’t persuade?
Almost none. With an exception of one correspondent of a newspaper (I’m not going to reveal their names in order not to disgrace them), who came to the seminar not to study but gather materials for compromising article. Now the court is dealing with our slander and abuse lawsuit against them. We’ll inform you about the results.
2. Is there any difference between seminar and webinar?
Judging by the skills obtained there is practically no difference. Seminar is a class-room training. Webinar – private distance skype training.
3. After a child gets 100% used to it and sees everything in mask… How shall we train him further? What would you suggest?
Training, training and training again. In the form of playing. Let the kid be interested in it. All the recommendations on training lessons will be given to you at a seminar by our teacher.
4. Is there any information about what part of the brain is The Centre of Information Perception (CIP) in?
Not yet. The Science is still working on it.
5. If it becomes apparent that the gift shows itself, should it be maintained? If we stop training will it disappear?
If you stop it will disappear faster than it opened up.
Americans say: “Use it or lose it”. Therefore, “Training, training and training again” as it is with children.


Above are the questions we were receiving during the last week.
Feel free to ask
Till soon
Mark Komissarov