InfoVision has been officially acknowledged

On 26 of April, 2015 at a conference in Pescara (Italy) there took place an event that can be qualified as the first official recognition of the InfoVision phenomenon as objectively existing. The report presented at the conference by the Doctor of Medicine and a specialist in the field of human brain, Professor Enrico Pierangeli, showed research data on the proof of the ability of the human brain to perceive visual information from the outside world directly, without the use of the vision.

The group of scientists, which included Professor Enrico Pierangeli, was led by the Doctor of Technical Science and specialist in quantum mechanics, Professor Elio Conte. The problem which scientists from Italy have set themselves was formulated as follows: “To establish with the help of modern technical means the capacity of the human brain to perceive visual images from the external world not using the organs of sight”.

To carry out this research there were invited 5 adult students aged between 22 and 54, who had been trained in using the Center of Direct Information Perception in one of Mark Komissarov’s courses in Italy. In the laboratory of Professor Elio Conte there was designed a special mask, which guaranteed the absence of the light in front of the eyes of the subject. The outcomes of this research were presented in the report of Professor Enrico Pierangeli at the conference in Pescara.

That is what Prof. Pierangeli reported about this work in an interview he gave after the conference:

Interviewer: Good afternoon! We have the pleasure to have with us the gentleman, Professor Enrico Pierangeli, who was part of the team who demonstrated scientifically that InfoVision is reality. I would like him to tell us his impressions before starting the search, before trying to look for scientific proof.

Enrico Pierangeli: Well, this technique to us was something impossible to be done. We were really shocked by this possibility. So we approached the problem with an open mind just to see what happens, but deep in our souls there was the idea that this is something really impossible.
For this reason we started to ask volunteers who have been trained by engineer Mark Komissarov with the technique of InfoVision and we asked these people with their eyes covered by a black thick mask to read words on a computer.

To make sure that there is no light going through the mask, our laboratory, with the collaboration of Professor Elio Conte from the School of Quantistic Studies in Bari, Italy, we prepared a mask with instrumentation able to measure the quantity of light inside the mask. When we were sure that the quantity of light inside the mask was zero, the experiment was done, and the volunteers were able to read words into the computer. Also, when they were asked in which colour were these words written they were also able to describe the colours. This were for us the furthermore reason of shock.

So, what happened, we thought for a second proof and Professor Elio Conte, professor of quantum physics thought to insert inside the mask two cameras working with infrared rays. As you know, the infrared rays are unable to be recognized by the human retina and so the pupils are dilated as they are in the full absence of light.

So, we did the experiment again with the volunteers wearing these masks with the infrared telecameras and at the same time the volunteers were having a belt on the head to measure the electroencephalogram and a support on the finger to measure the heart frequency and the autonomic system of reactions. So, with these parameters that were loading into the computer – I repeat: the electroencephalogram, heart rate evaluation and the film of the pupils inside the mask – the experiment was done again and volunteers were able to read the words and to describe perfectly the colours of these words.

Before trying to express any explanation, we just now recognized that this is a fact and then we will work for further explanations. What was appeared surprising is that the so called alpha waves, which are the waves that are produced in our brains when we are in a state of full relax with closed eyes, we asked the volunteers to close their eyes and just relax, and so, on the electroencephalogram we have seen that there is the presence of these alpha waves. If we ask a person to open the eyes the alpha waves are lost, they finish, changing the pattern of waves of the electroencephalogram. What is strange is that we just acknowledged the presence of alpha waves in the volunteers during the experiment; when they were reading with open eyes inside the mask the electroencephalogram was showing alpha waves, which are to us normally related with relaxed state and closed eyes. So, something that is…

Interviewer: That is very interesting!

Enrico Pierangeli: Interesting but it has to be understood better and worked out. But we have to work out so many things, not only this. So, just at the moment we just acknowledged that InfoVision is a fact. Then we’ll see the future. Of course the first tentative of scientific explanation is to look at InfoVision as a part of quantum vision of the word, according to quantum physics.

End of the interview

Well, now I think it is time to congratulate all of us, those who believed in the reality of InfoVision, with its so wanted recognition. Recognition by the Science. No more words about cheating and other nonsense blamed on us by rough skeptics. InfoVision is recognized as a fact.

Follow these links to watch the videos dedicated to the conference:

Mark Komissarov
The Author of the method on activating the Center of Direct Information Perception